Coulthard and Hakkinen arrive in style for Race of Champions 2023

29-01-2023 11:01 Last update: 29-01-2023 14:19

The iconic former McLaren duo Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard are still good friends. The two arrived together at the 2023 edition of the Race of Champions and it was immediately good fun.

Coulthard and Hakkinen have fun at Race of Champions

As the former Formula 1 drivers get out of their car, they wonder 'who turned out the lights', because on arrival it is pitch dark in Sweden. Coulthard offers to carry his former teammate's bag, but jokingly concludes, "Now the cameras are there, he'll carry his own bag!"

Arriving at the hotel, Hakkinen tries to give a serious preview. However, his attempts are interrupted by Coulthard, who is in a jolly mood and urges the two-time world champion that he does not have to tell his complete life story.

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