Leclerc prepares for new season with intensive training camp

19-01-2023 15:17 Last update: 19-01-2023 22:02

Charles Leclerc is busy preparing for the new season. In a new YouTube video, the Ferrari driver shares footage of his training camp, where he spent a week to be as prepared as possible for 2023.

Leclerc has spent a week in the Italian Alps for a training camp. The Monegasque heads to the Dolomites every year to prepare for the new season with his trainer Andrea Ferrari and Hypercar driver Antonio Fuoco.

Motivation to win 2023 title

Leclerc is not only in the gym but is also into cross-country skiing, normal skiing and rallying in the snow. In the video, Leclerc says he is ready to compete for the world title again.

"Winning is what motivates me. In 2022 we didn't make it, but I'm planning to do it this year, so we need to be as prepared as possible. Training is part of it, you need to be fit inside the car. We are giving the best just to be the best driver out there on the track, that's what motivates me."

Leclerc feels he has matured through his experience in F1. The Monegasque's 2022 season was not flawless, but he has learnt a lot and hopes to come back stronger in the new season. "Every season you do in F1 you learn new things, so you change as a driver. Small improvements, after every mistake you learn and improve. There has not been a particular change."

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