Heartbreaking on-board radio from Leclerc as his Ferrari suddenly fails

23-05-2022 09:01 Last update: 23-05-2022 10:16


Charles Leclerc seemed to be on his way to a fairly easy win from the moment Max Verstappen got stuck behind George Russell with a DRS problem. That dream suddenly came to an end when his Ferrari suffered a technical problem, resulting in a horrified Leclerc.

Heartbreaking on-board radio Leclerc

The Ferrari driver suddenly fell back down the rankings and reported to his team on the on-board radio. He was experiencing power loss, which was clearly audible on the onboard footage.

"No, no! What's going on?" The Ferrari driver echoed on the radio as he drove slowly by necessity. Not much later he was already in the garage at Ferrari, where he got out and had to withdraw from the race.

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