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About GPblog

GPblog.com is the fastest and most complete Formula 1 news website. With a great passion for Formula 1 and motorsport, it is our goal to provide our visitors with the latest news, the hottest rumours and the best video's as quickly as possible. In addition, as an independent news website, we are not afraid to give our opinion on the latest rumours and developments.

Editorial Team

The editorial team and office of GPblog.com/en are located at Cheltenham, UK.

Nicolas Quarles van Ufford: 
Nicolás has been a fan of racing ever since he can remember. A long-time F1-follower and hardcore Pastor Maldonado fan, he's migrated from the Netherlands to England and became a sports journalist, and now writes for GPblog while trying not to be biased towards Max Verstappen.

Jake Williams-Smith:
Jake has followed Formula One since before he could even walk. Because of this, writing about F1 is second nature to him. From never ever wanting to see refuelling back again to quite liking Liberty Media’s hauling of the sport into the 21st Century, he’s opinionated and passionate and can talk about Formula One for days on end. Luckily for us, he will continue to do so.

Matt Gretton:
Matt has been watching Formula 1 since he was four years old. It is one of his major sports followings alongside Rugby Union. Being born in Leicester, he has been immersed in sports for as long as he can remember. This has provided motivation to be a sports journalist and is currently writing for GPBlog. In F1 terms, Matt is a McLaren fan making the last 3 years a tough following.
Adam Newton:
Adam Newton is an editor for GPBlog.com while also being a Sports Journalism student at the University of Gloucestershire. Adam is a long time F1 fan and his favourite driver of recent times has to be Jenson Button.

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