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Verstappen on messy Friday: Everyone got in each other's way.

Verstappen on messy Friday: "Everyone got in each other's way".

16-04-2021 22:35


Max Verstappen spoke to the press with mixed feelings at the end of Friday's session in Imola. He still has a good feeling with the car, but the way the practice sessions went for him is not ideal.

"I didn't do many laps, so we have to talk about other things," Verstappen jokes in front of the Ziggo Sport camera about his largely lost afternoon. He's a little disappointed with his early retirement in the second free practice session.

Both practices not ideal

Verstappen: "It's a shame that in the second practice, which is the most important practice, you drive so few laps. It's not ideal for tomorrow, but in general it felt good every time I was in the car, so I'm confident we can still have a good day tomorrow".

During the first free practice, an ideal preparation was already disturbed by a technical fault with the F1 organisation. Because of this the drivers could not be warned for traffic coming from behind. "Everyone got in each other's way. Also because there are a lot of blind corners, so it's hard to see someone in your mirrors then," said Verstappen, who himself stayed out of trouble, but again saw time lost by a collision between Perez and Ocon.

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