F1 Social Stint | Ricciardo gets a warm welcome from McLaren fans

11-01-2021 08:51 | Updated: 22-01-2021 09:23
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F1 Social Stint | Ricciardo gets a warm welcome from McLaren fans

It is time for the winter break and that means that drivers and teams can enjoy a well-deserved holiday. In the F1 Social Stint of GPblog.com you will find out what drivers and teams are doing in preparation for the Formula 1 season of 2021.

Ricciardo gets a warm welcome from McLaren fans

Daniel Ricciardo will be McLaren's new driver in 2021, after two years with Renault. The fans of the team from Woking are looking forward to the arrival of the Australian and let them know in a new video from McLaren. If this does not make you feel special as a driver, then what does?

Hamilton speaks of historic day for America

Lewis Hamilton has made it clear on Twitter that he is delighted with the inauguration of Joe Biden as America's new president. According to Hamilton, it is a historic day, which will hopefully lead to a brighter future and more room for diversity. Hamilton wishes Biden and Kamala Harris the best of luck in their new roles.

Mclaren reveals colours and new name of 2021 car

McLaren is just busy with the marketing team to hype up the new 2021 car as much as possible. In a new message on Twitter, we clearly see the colours orange and blue returning, but we also see the new name of the car. In big letters it says MCL35M. This suggests that the 2020 MCL35 will only be updated in name with the Mercedes engine, which is why the 'M' has been added to the car's name.

Alonso in the snow, Gasly in the gym

Now that there are no races, the drivers have a bit more free time than usual. Nevertheless, the new Formula 1 season is slowly approaching and that means that the training sessions are becoming more important again. Both Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly are working on that, but both in their own way. Alonso is braving the snow-covered mountains in Spain, while Pierre Gasly chooses the old familiar gym. Clearly in a slightly warmer capacity, in Dubai.

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McLaren hopes Australian fans will be patient a little longer

The Australian fans will have to wait a little longer to see their hero, Daniel Ricciardo, in action in his own country. At McLaren, they have also thought about that and so a letter went out to the fans in Australia. Be patient and ask yourself one important question: How is the weather in November?

Bottas to rally in Lapland with unique helmet design

In the time that Valtteri Bottas is not in a Formula 1 car, he enjoys driving rallies. Because the Finn does this purely for fun and has no sponsor obligations, he can go to such rallies with unique helmets. For the Arctic Lapland Rally he will therefore be wearing a special helmet designed by his partner Tiffany Cromwell.

Grosjean is not yet allowed to go out into the cold, so he's going to cook

Romain Grosjean is getting better and better, but is not yet allowed to do everything. On Instagram, he tells us that his wife and children are out for a walk, but Romain's hands still can't cope with the cold. So he goes to work in the kitchen baking a chocolate cake.

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