Should Verstappen and Red Bull look out for Ricciardo? "Good track for us"

03-09-2020 15:02 | Updated: 03-09-2020 15:06
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Should Verstappen and Red Bull look out for Ricciardo? Good track for us

Daniel Ricciardo and Renault were a very strong combination at Spa-Francorchamps. Especially during qualifying, the Australian was very fast and even Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing had to look out for him. However, he was unable to follow the Dutchman during the race.

The question is whether this will be different in Monza. It is very clear that the Renault will be very strong on circuits where not a lot of downforce is needed, and Monza is the best example of that. Ricciardo hopes to fight with his former teammate this weekend.

First podium for Renault

"This should be a good circuit for us," he said at the press conference prior to the Italian Grand Prix. A fight with Verstappen would almost automatically mean a fight for the podium. The first of Ricciardo for Renault and the first of the team since it returned to Formula 1 in 2016.

Although performance for the rest of the season hasn't shown that yet, Ricciardo has his eyes on the championship again. He thinks Renault should be able to compete for third place in the constructors' championship if they manage to hold the shape of Spa, but he warns: "It can all change quickly."

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