McLaren working hard to get closer to other teams

17-10-2019 09:59 | Updated: 19-10-2019 11:17
by Tom Mason
McLaren working hard to get closer to other teams

McLaren have admitted that they are working hard to try and bridge the big gap which currently stands between the top three teams and the rest. The team are currently over 200 points behind third-placed Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

The team are on course to secure their best result of the V6 hybrid era, with there currently being a 34 points gap to the nearest team, Renault.

"We still bring some small bits to the next races also, but make sure that the team is flat out on 2020 car, " Seidl said.

“We still have stuff that we bring for this year’s car. I mean the regulations are pretty much the same, there is stuff you can carry over then to next year but it’s not like we develop our staff for next year’s car and then bring it."

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