Guenther Steiner hopes "iconic" Silverstone remains on the F1 calendar

09-07-2019 16:43
by Louis Shaw
Guenther Steiner hopes iconic Silverstone remains on the F1 calendar

Haas boss Guenther Steiner thinks that the British Grand Prix is "iconic" and has praised Silverstone as a circuit. The track has been a key part in Formula 1's history and Steiner hopes that it will continue to be on the calendar for years to come. However, there are rumours that Silverstone's Formula 1 future is in doubt and the Italian thinks that it needs to make financial sense for it to stay on. 

Although still unconfirmed it has been rumored that Silverstone will continue to host the British Grand Prix as they are close to agreeing a deal. 

“It is iconic and it’s a very good Grand Prix to go to for obvious reasons,” Steiner was quoted by thecheckeredflag.  “A lot of teams are from near Silverstone, so it’s a home race for many.

“But then again, despite being iconic, it cannot stay there if it doesn’t make financial sense. It needs to make financial sense for them and for Formula 1 and the teams – then we can stay there. We all love it, but there is a cost to it.”

Silverstone holds a special place in every Formula 1 fan's heart and it is therefore important that a new deal is done. If not an important part of Formula 1 history will be lost. 

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