Lando Norris expects to see gamers to make it on the track

08-07-2019 13:25
by Louis Shaw
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Lando Norris expects to see gamers to make it on the track

Lando Norris believes that people who excel at simulator and E-Racing have the skills to step into a "real car" and expects to see more use this as a way of getting into elite motor racing. As a fan of simulator work himself, Norris has raced against the top E-Racers and believes that some have the skills to race at a high level on the track. 

F1 E-sports Series is an event which sees the best simulator racers go against each other. 

“The number of people who entered last year was pretty insane and it's only gone and grown year to year,” the 19-year-old explained to McLaren Shadow. 

“There’s a lot of people in the world who are very good drivers, more often nowadays you have drivers who can go from a simulator into a real car and show the skills correlate very well.

“People like Rudy (Van Buren) and Igor (Fraga) have shown that you can do this kinda thing, and I think there’s plenty more people out there, a lot of people have a chance of winning it and going on to maybe even drive a real car.”

It will be fascinating to see if someone from an E-Sports background ever makes it into Formula 1 or if on-track experience is more fundamental to elite success. 

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