Helmut Marko ranks win in Austria as one of Red Bull's best

07-07-2019 13:34
by Louis Shaw
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Helmut Marko ranks win in Austria as one of Red Bull's best

Red Bull's win in Austria ranks very highly with one of the teams best wins believes Helmut Marko. Max Verstappen won the race after a disastrous start which saw the Dutch driver drop to 7th in the opening lap. The race win meant driving the car to its limits and racing back through the grid to take the victory. This is why the Red Bull advisor believes this win is one of the teams best. 

Marko names a few races that he also believes were listed high in the teams best. 

"Verstappen has had such a catch-up race before," Marko said to Motorsport.com. "In Austin 2017, when he was finally taken off the podium because of catching up with Raikkonen on the inside. And Vettel also showed a great comeback in Brazil 2012 when he was tapped around by Bruno Senna and afterward worked through the field."

"Then both Mercedes dropped out. Although we were faster at the time, it didn't look so good [on our own strength.] This year we caught up with our rivals on the circuit. The most extraordinary thing is that the start failed. Max was seventh after the first lap. Normally it is impossible to make up for that on a circuit like the Red Bull Ring."

The win in Austria was also special to the team for reasons off the track. The support from the fans was incredible and it seemed very different to the usual response from fans. 

"The invasion of Dutch fans was incredible. It was peaceful and without any aggression. Just enthusiasm, very different from football," the Austrian said. "For example, I was in front of the pit box with the people of Honda. When I pushed them forward, the audience chanted" Honda, Honda. " It was a fantastic moment."

Red Bull will hope to get more results like this throughout the season and fans will hope that they have given the team a boost heading into Silverstone. 

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