Toto Wolff on getting the "right balance" between performance and reliability

06-07-2019 19:29
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Toto Wolff on getting the right balance between performance and reliability

Toto Wolff has emphasized the importance of getting the "right balance" between performance and reliability. Mercedes have been the team to beat so far this season but had issues in the heat in Austria. It would be easy for the Silver Arrows to head into the British Grand Prix with an aggressive setup but Wolff is cautious about doing this at the expense of their reliability.  

"The Ferrari engine is clearly the most powerful engine in the field - no question," said Toto Wolff to"They have improved their engine performance during the season in an impressive way."

"This is a decision that every team has to make for themselves - reliability is the key," says Wolff. "I do not think we were too conservative, I think we have found the right balance, we just have to keep going and find more performance.

"Everybody tries to tease out as much performance as possible, but with such exhaustive regulations, that's pretty difficult."

Mercedes will hope to bounce back at Silverstone and prove to Formula 1 that they are once again the team to beat. 

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