Vettel calls for rules to be simplified

06-07-2019 08:10 | Updated: 06-07-2019 08:45
by Adam Newton
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Vettel calls for rules to be simplified

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has called for a simplified rulebook after describing F1's current rules as "a bit of a mess".

In the last few weeks, it's been the rules that have come under scrutiny more than the drivers, with incidents and investigations in both the Canadian and Austrian Grands Prix.

In Montreal, Vettel was penalised for a dangerous re-entry to the track, denying him a first win of the season.

Two races later in Austria, Max Verstappen's overtake for the lead on Charles Leclerc was subject to an investigation that went on hours after the race, with the eventual decision being 'no further action'.

With the rules taking centre stage, there have been some criticisms of the sport, and four-time champion Vettel believes a revamp is in order.

In an interview on, Vettel said: "I think the problem is now we have so many rules trying to put in writing what you can't put in writing.

"It's just a bit of a mess, I can't think of any other sport where case by case, things are exactly the same.

"Things are always a bit different. And in our sport it's difficult to put everything and every possible outcome in writing. We need to simplify and give freedom to race each other."

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