Ecclestone wants teams drivers to make a decision about tyres

04-07-2019 14:16
by Matt Gretton
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Ecclestone wants teams drivers to make a decision about tyres

Bernie Ecclestone isn't in charge of Formula 1 now, but it's still a common sight to see the 88-year-old on the grid at a Formula 1 race in 2019. In June, Ecclestone gave a long list of changes he'd be making to the sport if he was in Liberty Media's position. 

Those changes included adding a third world championship, reintroducing refuelling and potentially adding weight to the faster cars. But when he was interviewed at the Austrian Grand Prix, the former boss revealed his disappointment at the current state of F1. 

"I still like the brand," he told the Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper. "I am upset because the races are no longer good. No more racing. It is like an old house. You buy it, you renew it, you make it fantastic, but at some point, it has lost its character, it is too clinical and no longer exceptional.

"This applies to F1. The whole thing has to be changed, that's the problem. Not something small, a big change. But change is not always positive, it must also be a good change."

To explain his point, Ecclestone looks at the current debate about tyres. Without a doubt, one of the most talked about aspects in Formula 1 at the moment is the state of the tyres. 

"We are in a critical moment, when we are talking about tyres and not about the championship. No one understands what is happening , not just the spectators, but also the teams and drivers. They should sit together and make a decision," Ecclestone added. 

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