Leclerc explains why he wants more isolation ahead of Grands Prix

03-07-2019 13:09
by Matt Gretton
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Leclerc explains why he wants more isolation ahead of Grands Prix

Charles Leclerc likes his alone time ahead of Formula 1 races. In the heat of Austria and France, the Ferrari driver was on the grid early. The man from Monaco explains why he likes isolation minutes before the lights go out to Bild. 

“Every athlete wants to isolate himself completely just before a top performance. Compare it with entering a tunnel: Only you and what is right in front of you. For every race, but also for every qualification or free practice, I separate myself and try to get into the mood that I need. The only thing that I think about are things that are important for the car. In the case of training that is: What exactly am I going to practice and how do I approach that," Leclerc said. 

Moments before a race, the grid is busy with the crew, media and celebrities. Engines and mechanical parts are fired up and it looks like a challenge to get the isolation he needs. But Leclerc says it's easy. 

“Simple: My eyes are open, but I don't see anything at that moment. I can turn everything else off. For that reason it doesn't bother me at all," he added. 

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