Fernando Alonso praised by McLaren boss for teams recent success

01-07-2019 17:53
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Fernando Alonso praised by McLaren boss for teams recent success

McLaren has thanked the work of both Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne for the team's improvements this year. Andreas Seidl has said that the work the two of them did last year was what has enabled them to improve so much this season. McLaren are currently fourth in the constructor's championship and have been the most improved team so far this season. 

"No one expected the team, finishing last season as the ninth fastest car, to make such a step," Seidl was quoted by F1i.com. "It simply shows that a lot of the changes triggered last year are paying off.

"The team did a good job bringing this car to the track. Also the drivers from last year, we should pay a lot of credit to, Fernando and Stoffel.

"They pointed out the weaknesses and where to develop the car. And now the target is to keep going with the development."

McLaren seems to be performing really well and with a bit more development it won't be long until they are fighting for podiums. 

It will be interesting to see if either of McLarens 2018 drivers will ever return to Formula 1. Both went to race in different series and Formulas but there is no doubt both drivers will be wanting to get back to the pinnacle of motorsport. 

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