These are the changes Bernie Ecclestone would make to modern Formula 1

27-06-2019 10:32 | Updated: 27-06-2019 13:54
by Matt Gretton
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These are the changes Bernie Ecclestone would make to modern Formula 1

Liberty Media took over from Bernie Ecclestone some time ago now and more or less since the first day, Liberty was planning on making big changes ahead of the 2021 season. Some of those have been decided, but with the announcement being pushed back until October, there's clearly some work to be done. 

In a large interview with ESPN, the former boss has stated exactly what he would change to modern Formula 1 if he was still pulling the reigns. To start off with, Ecclestone is critical of Liberty Media's approach by talking to all of the teams.

"Firstly, I wouldn't be talking to the teams. It's like having a committee and you don't need that when making decisions like this," Ecclestone told ESPN.

He then started to suggest the big changes he would make to try and improve the sport. Ecclestone suggests he would like to see a new World Championship added to Formula 1. The blueprints are in place to help entice new teams to the sport and also help the teams further down the ladder who perhaps need the budget cap. 

"I would be saying: We're going to have two championships. They're both world championships; one is the Constructors' World Championship and the other is the Teams' World Championship. The Drivers' World Championship would not be affected in any way," Ecclestone continued. 

"The Constructors' Championship is for the teams that manufacture the engine and the chassis; teams such as Ferrari and Mercedes.

"For the Teams' Championship, I'd build a car -- like a very sophisticated F2 car. If Honda decided they weren't going to be in F1 -- or if Renault decided not to be a constructor -- I'd do a good deal for one of them to supply everyone. These would be engines similar to those we have today. But one engine has to last a full season, with one spare engine only to be used if the original one has a failure."

"So if you want to start a team, here's your chance. I'd give you a complete car and a spare engine. And I'd give you $30 million a year. That way we can forget all this cost cap nonsense. You've got to run the team as best you can. You've got $30m to get you going, so you need to go out and find some sponsors."

Ecclestone goes on to report he'd bring back refuelling for those cars in the teams' championship and would add weight to the constructors' championship cars should they be much faster. His aim is to award the teams who can spend lots of money by becoming world champions, but those in the teams' world championship would also be able to win something. 

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