Stroll says Racing Point have "potential" despite poor points tally

06-06-2019 09:09
by Adam Newton
Stroll says Racing Point have potential despite poor points tally

Lance Stroll says that his season has been better than the points table suggests, with him only racking up four points in the first six races of the season, and failing to reach Q2 all year.

His meagre amount of points has been shown up by Sergio Perez’s 13 points in the same car, but Stroll believes the points don’t tell the whole story.

"On paper, it's true that my record hasn't improved compared to last year," he told La Presse. "But beyond the numbers, I'm confident for the rest of the championship.

"This team has proven in the past that it has a lot of potential and a highly skilled workforce.

"The season is also a marathon and we will progress and improve. I'm not worried because the foundations of this team are solid."

Stroll also seems pretty relaxed about his terrible run in qualifying session, which has seen him knocked out in Q1 at every event in 2019, and ten in a row since 2018.

He added: "I know very well that I have to improve this situation, but the gaps are so small. In many cases, I was bothered by traffic.

"A tenth of a second can make a big difference."

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