Bahrain Grand Prix team ratings - Works teams have nightmare

01-04-2019 17:47
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Bahrain Grand Prix team ratings - Works teams have nightmare

Mercedes: 8.5/10

As always, the Silver Arrows were waiting to pounce on a Ferrari mistake. It's happened before, it will happen again, but most importantly, it happened on Sunday when Charles Leclerc's Ferrari started malfunctioning. Lewis Hamilton was Johnny on the spot to relieve the Monegasque of P1 and he drove to his first victory of the season. Valtteri Bottas remains championship leader as he completed the Mercedes one-two.

Not the quickest, that's why we won't give them full marks, but the first to cross the line. Perfect start of the season.

Ferrari: 6/10

Oh boy. Ferrari had the stronger car, that was certain, but they couldn't express that in the points total. Sebastian Vettel made yet another mistake shortly after being overtaken by Hamilton as he spun his SF90, and Leclerc, the quickest man all weekend long, saw one of his cylinders break mid-race. He had to settle for P3, his maiden podium finish, but that should've been an easy one-two for the Scuderia.

They can't afford these mishaps, not against a team like Mercedes. But we'll give them some credit for having the quickest package.

Red Bull Racing: 5/10

A weekend to forget for the Bulls. Max Verstappen did almost get a podium after Leclerc's issues reared their ugly head, but even Max admitted a podium wouldn't have been deserved.

P4 and P8 isn't enough if you want to win the constructors' championship. Simple as that. Red Bull seem to have another deficit at the start of the season, and they'll have to out-develop Ferrari and Mercedes to get close. New engine, new driver, same issues.

McLaren: 8/10

Lando Norris has been one of the surprises of the season. The teenager has put the MCL34 in Q3 on both occasions in 2019 already and even finished P6 in Bahrain, making him best of the rest in midfield. 

Sainz's issues that saw him drop like a stone weren't the fault of the team - Sainz could've been more cautious when battling Verstappen at the start when he damaged his car, but you can't expect a driver to back down from a fight. It could've been a double points finish, which is very impressive if you look where McLaren were last season.

Toro Rosso: 7/10

London-born Alex Albon scored his first points in F1 in his second race, which is always a positive. He got it because of the late double retirement from Renault, yes, but a good drive from the rookie nonetheless.

Daniil Kvyat finished in P12, which is not good enough, but Toro Rosso will be happy to walk away from Bahrain with more points in the kitty. Even if those points were gifted to them by Renault.

Racing Point: 5/10

Racing Point haven't been the team many people expected them to be. Sergio Pérez bagged a point for the team as he was one of the people who profited from Renault's late double retirement, but the pace from the Pink Panthers (do we still call them that?) hasn't been up to snuff.

A weekend to forget for Lance Stroll, who crashed out in Q1 and couldn't do much in the race after suffering early damage from a collision with Romain Grosjean. Racing Point said they had the ambition to fight with the top three teams - one point in Bahrain won't do that for them.

Alfa Romeo Racing: 7.5/10

Currently sitting fourth in the constructors' championship, Alfa Romeo should be happy with the result in Bahrain. And with Kimi Raikkonen, who has single-handedly put the team in that fourth place, scoring all of the points so far.

The team's race pace seems to be among the best in midfield along with McLaren, which should make them feel satisfied. Giovinazzi missed out on the points again, but he'll improve as the season progresses.

Haas F1: 5/10

This would've been the perfect opportunity for Haas to run away in midfield from Renault. The French team binned it at the end of the race, but the Americans weren't in position to profit. 

Romain Grosjean was unlucky again as his race ended early due to damage to the car, and teammate Kevin Magnussen, frankly, had a very bad race. The Dane started on top of midfield in P6 but only finished P13. No points for Haas - a big opportunity missed.

Renault: 3/10

Renault seemed to be cruising to a very impressive double points finish, until both cars had mechanical failures at pretty much the same time. The RS19 of both Nico Hülkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo shut off in the latter stages of the race, giving points out to everyone.

Another mechanical issue for the French team, which looks terrible on them. Carlos Sainz retired with a smoking engine in Melbourne for McLaren, and now this... Renault need to sort out the reliability of their engine, for their own sake and for their customers' sake (McLaren).

Williams: 5.5/10

For Williams, this was an okay race. Both drivers brought the car back in one piece and completed the race, and they profited from the other retiring drivers. 

The pace on the FW42 seems to be that of a Formula 2 car, but within the context of the team, this was a decent performance.

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