Alonso on Newey: 'Happy to be racing in an era where he builds cars'

Alonso on Newey: 'Happy to be racing in an era where he builds cars'

10-12-2023 18:00
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Toby McLuskie

Fernando Alonso has driven for many different F1 teams, but never for Red Bull. The Spaniard regrets it, as it also means he has never worked with Adrian Newey. Speaking to, he says that it has almost come about.

The Aston Martin driver need not mince many words: ''He's a legend of the sport.'' He continued: '“We’ve been very close a few times to working together and we spoke about this.” Alonso did co-write Newey's book a while back: “I remember when he published a book a few years ago in Spain, I had the privilege to do the first page, the prologue. For me, it’s just an incredible person. Even if we never worked together, I’m happy that [I'm] living and driving in this time - that Adrian Newey is just building Formula 1 cars.''

Future Alonso and Newey

Alonso hopes that this possible collaboration will come one day: ''I wish one day that I was working with him.'' When reminded that the Briton has taken championships away from the Spaniard, Alonso jokes: “Newey is responsible for 19 drivers over two decades not to win championships!”