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Leclerc sets sights on Mercedes: 'Gap is down to four points'

Leclerc sets sights on Mercedes: 'Gap is down to four points'

20 November - 16:00


For a moment, Charles Leclerc seemed to run away with victory in the Las Vegas Grand Prix, but in the end it was Max Verstappen who took the top step of the podium after a strong comeback. Leclerc regrets the missed opportunity but at the same time, sees that Ferrari has scored important points in the constructors' championship against Mercedes.

"On the one hand, I'm happy because I need to be happy after such a race from a team's point of view and also from my own performance. There's nothing I've left on the table today, and I gave it absolutely all until the very last corner in the last lap," Leclerc said after the Formula 1 race in Las Vegas.

He continued: "It was obviously very exciting to get that second place from Checo in the last corner. On the other hand, obviously disappointed because I really believe, I hate speaking with the ifs, and I never do that but I really believe that today without the safety car, the victory was ours." Leclerc attributes that to the fact that he was driving on used tyres at the restart, while Verstappen was driving on new tyres.

Battle for P2 comes down to final in Abu Dhabi

Still, there are plenty of positives Leclerc takes away from the F1 weekend at the Las Vegas Street Circuit. "There are lots of positives this weekend but I think the biggest positive I need to take from a weekend like this is that we are now four points away from Mercedes," continued the 26-year-old Monegasque.

"That means that a second place in the Constructors will be decided in Abu Dhabi and I am fully motivated to have a great weekend in Abu Dhabi and hopefully finish second in the Constructors," Leclerc said. For his part, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff thinks it "should be fine" for his team, as there is "a proper race director this time".