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No mercy with the Verstappens: 'You have to destroy your teammate'

No mercy with the Verstappens: 'You have to destroy your teammate'

28-09-2023 16:32 Last update: 18:16

Max Verstappen has been dominating Formula 1 in recent times. The Dutchman has won no fewer than 28 out of 38 races in Formula 1 since the start of the 2022 season. Verstappen may have the best car, but he still needs to pull out all the stops. That is something team-mate Sergio Perez is having a tough time with in 2023, and Perez is certainly not the first teammate of Verstappen to be put to shame by the Dutchman.

Verstappen puts teammates to shame

That Perez cannot keep up with Verstappen since the two have been teammates has become clear after almost three years. In 2021, 2022 and 2023, the Mexican lost the qualifying and race duels by a considerable margin compared to Verstappen. By underperforming compared to Verstappen again this season, Perez's position at Red Bull Racing seems to be coming under pressure. However, the man from Guadalajara still has a commitment until 2024.

Perez is certainly not the only one this has happened to as Verstappen's teammate. Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon, for example, preceded the Mexican. Gasly entered 2019 as a replacement for Daniel Ricciardo's departure to Renault (now Alpine), but was replaced by Albon midway through the season due to disappointing performances compared to teammate Verstappen. The British Thai lasted a year and a half alongside the now two-time world champion but also fell a lot short of speed and was eventually replaced by Perez.

Verstappen's father with clear brief for Max

From the start of the 2019 season until now, Verstappen has recorded no fewer than 43 victories. All of Verstappen's teammates have scored just five wins for Red Bull Racing over that same period, a remarkable difference. This might just be because of what Jos Verstappen taught his son: "My father always said: 'You have to destroy your teammate'," Verstappen told Kronen Zeitung before Perez' arrival in 2021.