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Windsor spoke to Newey about flex wings: 'He looked at me like I was mad'

Windsor spoke to Newey about flex wings: 'He looked at me like I was mad'

18 September - 07:33

Max Verstappen's run of most wins in a row has come to an end in Singapore. The Dutchman failed to cross the line first for the 11th consecutive time. Peter Windsor looks back on the Dutchman's race in his analysis video on YouTube.

Verstappen had problems all weekend, with the biggest negative being his elimination in Q2 in qualifying. He had to work his way to the front, and this succeeded to some extent. In the end, the Dutchman finished fifth.

Windsor on Verstappen

Peter Windsor saw that Verstappen had to think of something different to get to the front: "The big thing for him was to be on a strategy different to anyone else, because that was the only way he was potentially going to get any result. He had predict what the rest would do, and that was not easy, because everyone would probably start on mediums. Verstappen started on the hard which was plunging into the unknown a little bit. It was the logical choice based on the fact that he was probably going to be in the midfield held up in his own world anyway."

Red Bull hit by change in technical regulations

It was suggested this weekend that the RB19 was weaker because flex wings had to be changed this weekend. Windsor spoke to Adrian Newey: "He looked at me as if I was mad and said, 'No of course not'. He said they had a perfect storm of everything going wrong in one weekend. By that he means coming with the wrong ride-heights correct, not getting the rising rake correct, and not getting the best from the seemless shift."

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