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Wolff draws no conclusions: 'Expect Red Bull to be back'

Wolff draws no conclusions: 'Expect Red Bull to be back'

18 September - 06:39

Cas van de Kleut

In Singapore, for the first time this season, a team other than Red Bull Racing won. Max Verstappen 's team did not have the car together, making it slip and slide for the RB19. After the race, Toto Wolff talks to Sky Sports about his expectations for the Austrian team for the rest of the season.

A run of 15 wins in a row came to an end on Sunday. Carlos Sainz ran away with a win, and Red Bull even missed the podium. Verstappen complained about upshifting during qualifying, calling it unacceptable.

Wolff draws no conclusion for Red Bull after Singapore GP

So it was a nasty weekend for Red Bull, but the rest of the grid is actually happy with the Austrian racing stable's disappointing result. However, Mercedes team boss Wolff says he does not expect Red Bull to fall away from now on: "I think that was their worst race last year and they really dominated it. We've had those outliers in Singapore, the years where we've almost won every race and then we came here and it wasn't really good. I expect them to be back."