Ferrari breaks record set by Verstappen: 'Means an awful lot'

Ferrari breaks record set by Verstappen: 'Means an awful lot'

17 September - 16:09

Charles Leclerc made a crucial overtaking move on George Russell at the start of the Singapore race. From there, Ferrari were in control and could strategically try to keep the competition behind and help Carlos Sainz to a win. Leclerc takes us through his race.

Leclerc played the perfect teammate

Leclerc took on the role of bodyguard for Sainz, discussing that to Viaplay's camera. The Ferrari driver kept the Mercedes away from Sainz while he stayed in P1. Speaking to the medium's camera, he continued, "Actually, I changed my mind this morning very late to make sure that I got all the best chances to be in front of George [Russell]."

"I knew that this was going to be critical for everybody," Leclerc continued. "For me and for the team in general, being in of George [Russell] in the first lap meant that then it would have been easier to make the gap for me to pit before Carlos [Sainz] and keep my second place, without the safety car, and for him to also keep the first place, so it was beneficial for both of us."

Speaking to Sky Sports, the driver explains what it means that his team has now managed to break Verstappen's record series: "I think that was a great idea. We definitely made the right choice, and I'm happy it paid off for Carlos, at least."

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