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Verstappen satisfied with P5 after difficult weekend: 'Twice unlucky'

Verstappen satisfied with P5 after difficult weekend: 'Twice unlucky'

17 September - 15:45

Max Verstappen can be satisfied with fifth place in the Singapore Grand Prix. The Dutchman managed to maximise despite several setbacks during the race by advancing through the field in the closing stages. He indicates that the balance problems with the Red Bull Racing car were less present on Sunday than on Saturday.

Verstappen satisfied with P5 after a difficult weekend

"Actually, during the race, everything was against us in terms of safety cars, so we really had to fight for it," Verstappen starts, talking to Viaplay. "The first stint went reasonably okay until that safety car. After that, everyone on new tyres was a lot faster, so I had no chance."

He continued: "That safety car also made the tyres a bit too cold. I couldn't really get them up to temperature the way I wanted after that, so we lost quite some time on that. After that, it went well on the medium tyre. We were just unlucky twice."

Red Bull were searching for the right balance all weekend but couldn't get it. " I think it was slightly better in the race, but it was still not our normal standard," Verstappen commented. "We need to understand why it didn't go for a meter in qualifying. In the race, I do think it was better. Generally, our car is not that good on a street circuit, but this was really too much."