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Verstappen denies rumours: 'Never had anything like that'

Verstappen denies rumours: 'Never had anything like that'

14 September - 15:57 Last update: 20:05

Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, Red Bull Racing was rumoured to be hit by the FIA's new technical guidelines. The motorsport body wants to limit the flexibility of F1 teams' components. Max Verstappen argues that the rumours are nonsense.

Verstappen denies rumours

On Wednesday, a rumour emerged that Red Bull might be one of the teams facing a problem due to the FIA's new guidelines. The Austrian team would have to make adjustments to the floor, resulting in time losses. However, Verstappen clearly contradicts these rumours: "I don't think it will. We never really had any flexible front wing, so I don't think it will hurt us."

Comparing dominance Vettel and Verstappen

Sebastian Vettel's dominance in 2013 is similar to Verstappen's current dominance; both drivers won nine races in a row (or even more). However, the Dutchman thinks the eras are difficult to compare. "I think every single one is a bit different. We had completely different cars, different times, so you can't compare," the Dutchman revealed.

"Of course, I want to try and continue that streak, but I know there will be a day when it will stop. Normally, street circuit, Singapore, it's always a bit more of a risk, there's a bit more chaos, but we are here to win, and we'll try to do that." Ahead of the weekend, Verstappen expected Singapore not to be the strongest circuit for Red Bull Racing.

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