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Pirelli still wants tyre warmers gone: 'Goal can be achieved'

Pirelli still wants tyre warmers gone: 'Goal can be achieved'

7 June - 11:31 Last update: 14:04

It has been known for a while now that Pirelli wants to remove tyre warmers from Formula 1. The Italian tyre brand is looking for tyres that do not require thermal blankets. Pirelli chief engineer Simone Berra is confident that tyre warmers will no longer be needed next year.

The FIA and FOM are still planning to remove the hot blankets from Formula 1, but drivers and teams are not waiting for this. A meeting with representatives from the FIA, FOM, F1 engine suppliers and F1 teams will be held in July. There seems little chance that the teams will agree to the new ideas

Berra still enthusiastic

"We know very well that the final decision will be made by the teams. So it is not up to us alone. We have already done a good job with the new rain tyre and we have also proposed the new inters. So we have already presented good products to the FIA and teams. They can evaluate those," Berra said in an interview with

"I am confident that we will achieve our goals, because I know it can be done: driving without tyre warmers in Formula 1 is a goal that can be achieved," Berra said.