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Hamilton on Red Bull: 'Can develop earlier for 2024'

Hamilton on Red Bull: 'Can develop earlier for 2024'

7 June - 08:06


The RB19 has proved to be a rocket in the 2023 races. Red Bull Racing managed to win all seven races run so far, with Max Verstappen winning five and Sergio Perez winning two. For Lewis Hamilton, there are now fears that Red Bull may well carry on into next season, allowing them to start with a huge lead even then.

Dominance Red Bull

After a successful year in 2022, Red Bull Racing has taken an even bigger step against the competition in 2023. Last year, Ferrari was a fast challenger, only due to many mistakes in the first half of the season, and a difference in speed in the second half of the season, the Scuderia could not really go 100% for the title in the end.

We are now a year on and the differences are greater. Verstappen often drives away early, and Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin can't do anything against it. As a result, it looks like Red Bull will have a better car than the other teams all year.

Danger for next year

According to Lewis Hamilton, this could be dangerous, he told the press conference after the Spanish Grand Prix: "Red Bull is way off, and Max is going to keep winning this year, which means that before the end of this season they can start developing for next season, and that's the danger."