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Sainz hopes for clarity on his contract at Ferrari soon

Sainz hopes for clarity on his contract at Ferrari soon

31 May - 19:15 Last update: 20:45

Carlos Sainz's contract with Ferrari runs for another year and a half, but the Spaniard is keen to find out soon what the Italian team intends to do with him after that. Sainz states this in conversation with Sky Sports. So while he previously said he is not worried about all the rumours surrounding his person, he wants clarity soon.

In recent weeks, Lewis Hamilton has been linked with a seat at Ferrari. Although Mercedes and the Briton say they assume Hamilton will sign a new commitment with the German team, stories immediately arose about which Ferrari driver would then had to leave in the event of Hamilton's arrival. Sainz may still have a contract until the end of '24, but in Formula 1 that sometimes says nothing. Moreover, the story goes that Audi - currently Alfa Romeo/Sauber - has Sainz in mind for at least the season '26.

Sainz had bad experience before

In 2017, Sainz - then under contract to Renault - did not know for a long time where he would race the following year. He now wants to avoid that scenario, he told the English channel. "But if you've heard me in interviews in the past, I've always said I like going into an F1 season knowing where I'm going to race the year after, because I went through that experience at Renault and I didn't enjoy it at all, the way everything panned out, so that would be my target."

Sainz indicated that he does not necessarily want to know what he is up to before the end of the season. But: "Not necessarily this year but before the start of next year or during the start of next year," the Spaniard, who will be in action in front of his home fans this season for the annual Barcelona Grand Prix, told Reuters.

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