Steiner returns to 'with Schumacher it's pulling a dead horse'

Steiner returns to 'with Schumacher it's pulling a dead horse'

31 May - 14:46 Last update: 15:19

'There is no point in pulling a dead horse'. That is what Guenther Steiner said a few months ago about why Mick Schumacher is not in Haas F1's car this season. The team boss acknowledges that he got a bit lost in that statement.

Speaking to Sport Bild , Steiner says that it had not been his intention to put Schumacher in his place in that way. "It's a saying in the United States. But I didn't mean to say Mick was dead or anything. That was maybe an awkward statement because the translation into German turned out to be far too harsh and direct."

Schumacher drove for two years under Steiner's management at Haas F1. After a difficult season, in which he was actually invariably beaten by newcomer and teammate Kevin Magnussen, the US racetrack decided not to break open the 24-year-old driver's contract. Nico Hulkenberg was brought in as a replacement and Steiner and Schumacher did not part on too pleasant terms. The ever-critical Ralf Schumacher also had a part is that.

Steiner on relationship with Schumacher

Schumacher found shelter as a reserve driver at Mercedes. The German is at almost all Grands Prix and so he and Steiner still occasionally bump into each other there. The Haas F1 team boss says there has been very little contact between them since the split. "We said 'hello' once in the paddock when we went in. I would definitely talk to him from time to time if the opportunity arises."

Steiner personally claims to have no problem with Mick. He says the relationship was allegedly made worse by the media than it actually was.