When will Mekies leave Ferrari? 'Hasn't been decided yet'
The Frenchman will be AlphaTauri's team boss in 2023

When will Mekies leave Ferrari? 'Hasn't been decided yet'

26 May - 15:38 Last update: 17:02

Laurent Mekies will be AlphaTauri's team boss in 2023, but he is currently still employed by Ferrari. With a gardening leave looming, it would be better for the Frenchman to step down from his duties as soon as possible. However, Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri are still in talks with Ferrari about settling the upcoming switch.

It was already clear at the end of April that Mekies would leave for AlphaTauri. There he will succeed Franz Tost next season, but the news was not meant to come out at such an early stage. So discussions are currently taking place with Ferrari on how Mekies' switch will actually be realised. That it will happen is certain, the only question is how.

AlphaTauri would like to have Mekies sooner than later, but Ferrari is demanding something 'in return' in return. Negotiations are ongoing and until then, the 46-year-old top man will work for the Maranello-based team.

When is Mekies leaving Ferrari?

How long Mekies will be seen in red on the paddock, he himself does not yet know. "Well, the truth is the decision has not been made yet. So until that point, as you said, I'm wearing red and as a result I'm committed 100% to Ferrari and to represent Ferrari in this sort of conditions," he clarifies.

That it is still not finalised does not necessarily worry him. Both parties want to make sure they get the deal right. "What is fair to say is that the reason why we have this discussion is because people wanted more time to talk to each other. We will find a solution that makes all parties comfortable," he concludes.

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