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Hamilton confident in his team: 'Still championship-worthy'
Hamilton ‘very curious’ to see knew upgrades in Monaco

Hamilton confident in his team: 'Still championship-worthy'

26 May - 07:04 Last update: 08:59

Lewis Hamilton is happy with his team, he revealed in Thursday afternoon's press conference in Monaco. The Briton spoke about the German racing stable's championship-worthy team. The Mercedes driver also said that he was very curious to see how the updates would work out in the narrow streets of the Mediterranean dwarf state.

" I think we're still a championship-winning team. It's just we've had the wrong car. There have been some decisions that have been made over the past two years that have not been ideal. And we're working our way through that." said the 38-year-old Hamilton.

Confidence in Mercedes

The seven-time world champion is currently fourth in the 2023 world championship with 56 points. The car does not seem competitive to attack the top three, yet Hamilton is confident of an upward trend for Mercedes.

"We have a new upgrade this weekend. The team have worked incredibly hard to bring this upgrade. We already, after Bahrain, decided that that's what we're going to do. And so I was a little bit gutted when the last race got cancelled because I was excited to try this new package."

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