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Verstappen on performance drive: 'I always put myself under pressure'
The Dutchman already has three wins this season.

Verstappen on performance drive: 'I always put myself under pressure'

26 May - 06:34 Last update: 08:57

Max Verstappen is looking for his fourth win of the season this weekend in the dwarf state called Monaco, where the Dutchman also lives. The Red Bull Racing driver has told of the pressure he feels from himself. The Dutchman did so in a press briefing on Thursday afternoon in the principality.

"I put pressure on myself to always perform. I think I've proven already enough that even if you have a few tough moments that's not going to be a problem. I always want to win more. I want to be the best I can be. So that is from my side the pressure," said the eager Verstappen.

Less pressure for Verstappen

The reigning Formula 1 world champion already has three wins to his name this season. The 25-year-old driver will obviously try to take another big step towards another world title next season. Verstappen has secured two world titles in the premier class of motorsport. Yet the Red Bull driver does not think the pressure has got worse after his world titles.

"No, I think because you have a lot more experience now I think that you know how to handle everything a lot better. When you are in your first season you put a lot of pressure on yourself because you really want to show yourself. You still need to work yourself up. But you then try to push yourself to a top team. That's where you want to get to. I've been there now for a few years."

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