Russell on taking updates: 'Then we would curse ourselves'
Russell pessimistic on Monaco chances

Russell on taking updates: 'Then we would curse ourselves'

25 May - 15:59 Last update: 16:23

Mercedes is going to change tack. The German racing stable is taking a pretty big update package to Monaco in the hope of improving performance, with there even being talk of a 'W14-B'. However, George Russell is tempering expectations and does not think that all problems will be history overnight.

Actually, Mercedes was already supposed to introduce the new parts at Imola, but that weekend was cancelled. Putting the updates on the car in Monaco takes some risk, but Russell thinks it is the right choice not to wait until Spain (as Ferrari does).

"From our side, if we had a strong weekend here with the old car and were half-a-tenth away from pole, for example, we would be kicking ourselves, knowing that we have more performance on the table. If you have got performance there, you have got to use it," Russell explained in conversation with Sky Sports.

Not crashing is the motto

It is important not to plant the car in the wall, though, as that could mean the updates cannot then be driven in Spain next week. "It shows the trust the team has in us as drivers, but I am happy to know that the team is pushing forward. Maybe we will sit here on Sunday night saying, 'That was a stupid decision', or we might not. But we want to get on with our season."

Mercedes will enter Monaco with a new sidepod design, which Russell believes should save a little bit of time, but not right away. The Briton thinks we won't really see the progression thanks to the new parts until Barcelona.