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Red Bull: 'Aston Martin and Honda is among best combinations in '26'
Perez is still full of Honda praise

Red Bull: 'Aston Martin and Honda is among best combinations in '26'

25 May - 15:45 Last update: 18:07

Of course, it had been known for some time that Red Bull Racing and Honda will part ways at the end of 2025 after a successful marriage. Ford will then be Red Bull's new partner, which will build the engines for '26 and beyond in-house. Aston Martin announced this week that it would welcome Honda as its new engine supplier.

Sergio Perez, currently engaged in a fierce battle for the world title with Max Verstappen, looks back on the period with the Japanese brand with more than satisfaction. " It was a real privilege for me to work with Honda," Perez said at the press conference ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix.

Perez impressed with work ethic

"It's been really impressive to see that every time you ask for something, things were happening or at least were changing. They were listening very carefully to the feedback of the driver. Even through the weekend, how we can tune the engine throughout the shifts? All of that sort of stuff to me has been really impressive. I think Aston is a top team that is getting top manufacturers. I think the combination itself is going to be one of the most powerful for 2026."

But Perez is not too displeased at Honda's departure: "We are obviously excited to have a Ford at the time, but we don't know what to expect. I've never worked with them, so it's going to be a new challenge. But certainly, from what I've seen so far from Honda, I've been really impressed with the work ethic and how much the amount of detail they put into every single thing that you ask for as a driver has been really impressive for me."

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