F1 LIVE | FP2 for the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

F1 LIVE | FP2 for the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

26 May - 15:00 Last update: 15:35

The second free practice session is about to begin and with the GPBlog liveblog, you won't miss any of the on-track action in Monaco. After the second session of the Monaco GP weekend, the first true picture is shown. A lot of the attention will be on Lewis Hamilton and George Russell as Mercedes introduce upgrades to the sidepod, floor and suspension. Red Bull Racing going for their sixth straight victory, though Aston Martin, Ferrari and Mercedes are expected to challenge.

F1 LIVE | FP2 for the Monaco Grand Prix


Time to take stock after FP2

In Monaco, qualifying is key. Overtaking on the streets of Monte Carlo is difficult, so the race leader more or less sets the pace. The track's characteristics mean that the advantages that Red Bull Racing often have in 2023 are gone. The team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez is not necessarily the top favourite.

In qualifying this weekend, drivers like Charles Leclerc of Ferrari, George Russell of Mercedes and Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin could emerge. With pole position, they can also compete for the win at the F1 Monaco GP on Sunday. The Red Bull Racing drivers are always another factor to consider. The battle between Verstappen and Perez will be at least as interesting as that battle of challengers.

Rain doesn't seem likely for Friday. That also seems to be the case for Saturday, but there is a chance of rain and thunderstorms on Sunday. That could mean that practice sessions will be even more focused on qualifying preparations on a dry track. There will be no practice for Sunday's possibly wet track surface.