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Marko expects danger from Ferrari and from Alonso: 'Not the favourite'
"Ferrari is occasionally faster than Red Bull" - Marko

Marko expects danger from Ferrari and from Alonso: 'Not the favourite'

25 May - 07:55 Last update: 09:25

The Monaco Grand Prix could be the first F1 event of 2023 where Red Bull Racing is not the immediate favourite. Team consultant Dr Helmut Marko expects Aston Martin F1's Fernando Alonso to have a chance of winning, but also the Ferrari drivers.

The reason is Monaco's peculiar circuit. Top speed is low, it has slow corners, the walls are always particularly close, and overtaking is very difficult. Whoever sets the fastest lap on Saturday and takes pole position will have a good chance of victory.

Red Bull not favourite for the first time?

To Motorsport-magazin.com, Marko says: "We cannot assert our strengths during the race in Monaco. Whoever drives in front sets the pace. Tyre wear will not be decisive here. There is no straight  where our speed advantage can help." That is why, according to the Austrian, the competitors will come close this weekend.

Starting with Ferrari, Marko said, "What we have seen so far is that Ferrari is occasionally faster than Red Bull in the slow corners. It will be exciting, so let's wait and see. The biggest advantage [for Ferrari] is the warming up of the tyres. I think that could be decisive during qualifying."

It is the curse and blessing of the 2023 Ferrari. The tyres warm up very quickly, making it possible for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz to drive particularly fast laps immediately after an out lap. But the problem for the Prancing Horse is that the tyres wear out faster over several laps.

However, in Monaco, this usual problem is no longer a hinderance. Ferrari will be fast over one lap and will possibly be able to start at the front. In the race, they will suffer less wear, with Monaco demanding less from the tyres.

Outsider Alonso

The outsider for victory at the 2023 Monaco GP is Aston Martin's Alonso, according to Marko: "Alonso is always good. The disadvantage of a lower top speed doesn't matter in Monte Carlo. If he has a good weekend and is at the front after qualifying, he is definitely a candidate."

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