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Russell not as skilled in all cars: 'He failed his driving test'
Young Brit failed his driving test

Russell not as skilled in all cars: 'He failed his driving test'

21 May - 16:17 Last update: 19:15

George Russell may have the necessary skills in a Formula 1 car, but off the track his driving talent is not a given. At least, not if we are to believe his father Steve.

"The F1 guys are OK on the racetrack but they are never as good as their dads on normal roads," Steve Russell says firmly in conversation with The Times. "George is always telling me to slow down as we approach a junction, though his mum thinks it’s fantastic when he takes her out and drives quickly."

Russell failed driving test

Father Russell recalls an incident after his son's driving test, which George failed. "There was just one occasion when George didn’t put the full effort in and it caused quite a commotion. He failed his first driving test at 17," says Steve.

"He thought that being a great driver on the track was good enough. He came home fuming that the examiner was wrong. We had to go back to the test centre in King’s Lynn so George could confront him. That didn’t go down well," said father Russell.

Russell is seemingly faring better in Formula 1 than on the open road, although he cannot yet count on the dream results since his move from Williams to Mercedes. He does have his first victory in his pocket since the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix, but the German racing stable will have to make big strides to score wins this year too.

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