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Stroll on DRS dilemma: 'Something drivers should speak about with the FIA'

Stroll on DRS dilemma: 'Something drivers should speak about with the FIA'

14 May - 19:14 Last update: 20:01


Similar to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the FIA decided to shorten the DRS zones in Miami, with drivers unhappy about the change as it made overtaking too difficult. Lance Stroll thought it was important to discuss this situation with the FIA as well as the drivers.

George Russell and Charles Leclerc also expressed disagreement with the FIA's choices. In doing so, Russell told them that the FIA had not even asked for the drivers' opinions. Stroll argued that, on the contrary, it is very important that the FIA and the drivers talk about this together.

Stroll on DRS

Stroll reveals that in an ideal world, DRS should not even be needed to overtake, but unfortunately for drivers and fans, that is not yet the case. Stroll argues that the current DRS dilemma is very tricky and that it is very dependent on the track.

"I definitely think it's something that, as a group of drivers and with the FIA, it's important that we speak about the DRS zones at each track and give ourselves the best possible opportunity to race every weekend and pass and actually do something on Sunday. I think it's very track dependent. We go to Baku, and overtaking is a lot easier than Monaco, for example," the Aston Martin driver revealed at the press conference in Miami.

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