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Ferrari misses out: Red Bull senior staffers don't want to leave

Ferrari misses out: Red Bull senior staffers don't want to leave

4 May - 10:07 Last update: 12:38


At Ferrari, there has been a small exodus. After Mattia Binotto stepped down as team boss at the end of last season, David Sanchez already left for McLaren and soon Laurent Mekies will follow (he will join AlphaTauri). The team of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz had two high-profile staffers at Red Bull Racing in mind as replacements, but they can be whiped off the list.

Ferrari wanted to attract Enrico Balbo and Pierre Waché from the Austrians, only it soon became clear that the pair had no desire to leave. So reports the Gazzetta dello Sport. Balbo, head of aerodynamics at Red Bull, let it be known after a few talks that he did not want to move to Maranello. Technical director Waché already told Ferrari at the time of the rapprochement that he had no desire for a transfer.

Trio of replacements for now

According to the pink sports newspaper, Ferrari has since moved on to other candidates. In the meantime, the team is already working on the car for '24, under the supervision of the trio of Enrico Cardile (chassis), Diego Tondi (aerodynamics) and Fabio Montecchi (chief designer). They are jointly replacing Sanchez, although it would be on a temporary basis. Enrico Gualtieri is mainly responsible for the further development of the Ferrari powerplant.

For now, it does not want to attract new people. Earlier, Ferrari reportedly tried to take over Dan Fallows from Red Bull. Negotiations were even under way, but Fallows decided against the move after all. Meanwhile, he is in charge of Aston Martin.

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