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'Ferrari lunges at Red Bull Racing head of aerodynamics'

'Ferrari lunges at Red Bull Racing head of aerodynamics'

28 April - 10:51


In the week before the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, a rumour emerged from the Italian media that two Red Bull engineers have resigned their jobs with immediate effect and will make the switch to Ferrari. One of those two may be the Italian Red Bull engineer Enrico Balbo.

Ferrari aces Red Bull engineer

Indeed,Corriere della Sera adds to the rumour that Ferrari is probably in talks with a top Red Bull engineer. The head of aerodynamics at Red Bull, Balbo, may be one of the two big names rumoured. Balbo was on the podium with Verstappen and Perez after the 2022 Imola race.

At Ferrari, the organisation currently seems to be full of holes. Following the departure of Mattia Binotto and the appointment of Frederic Vasseur, there have been sweeping changes in the workforce. For instance, head of aerodynamics David Sanchez is gone and it was also revealed last week that front-runner Laurent Mekies will leave Ferrari for the role of team boss at AlphaTauri. Vasseur is in the process of appointing a large group of 30 engineers. Balbo may be one of them.

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