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Sainz disappointed after FIA ruling on Alonso accident

Sainz disappointed after FIA ruling on Alonso accident

19 April - 09:07 Last update: 11:54


A fortnight ago, Carlos Sainz was placed out of the points after picking up a five-second penalty for causing a crash during the second restart in Australia. Ferrari protested, but it was announced on Tuesday afternoon that the FIA would not review the incident. Sainz has since responded.

The second restart was undoubtedly chaotic. Sainz tapped Fernando Alonso, who then spun. The Aston Martin driver was able to continue his race, however, and he regained his third place after another red flag. However, Sainz did receive a time penalty for the accident, which meant he had to make up his five-second time penalty behind the safety car. His team protested, but they were told on Tuesday afternoon that the accident would not be reassessed.

The Spaniard is disappointed that his penalty will not be overturned, he revealed on his Twitter: "Two weeks later, I still think the penalty is too disproportionate and I believe it should have at least been reviewed on the basis of the evidence and reasoning we have presented."


— Carlos Sainz (@Carlossainz55) April 18, 2023