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Webber: 'Piastri can destroy my trophy cabinet'

Webber: 'Piastri can destroy my trophy cabinet'

18 April - 18:27 Last update: 21:24

Cas van de Kleut

Former Formula One driver Mark Webber has high hopes for Oscar Piastri. The Australian who himself quit his career in 2013 is business advisor to the young McLaren driver, who managed to take his first points at his home race in Australia.

Is Piastri a future world champion?

Webber himself had a tremendous career in Formula 1, winning nine races in 215 starts. In 2010, the former Red Bull driver almost became world champion, but in the last race his teammate Sebastian Vettel ran away with the world title.

Despite his own successful career, the 46-year-old businessman believes his talent Piastri can surpass his achievements, he told the F1 Nation podcast: "He’s got big ambitions to try and have a glass of red with me down the line and destroy my trophy cabinet, and I’ll be very, very happy if that happens, let me tell you."

In Melbourne, Piastri still managed to take points after a mediocre qualifying session. The chaotic race is good for the 21-year-old driver, Webber says: "It’s just experience that you can’t buy, like all those restarts and the qualifying and mixed conditions in practice and stuff and a new circuit. He’s leaving (Melbourne) with a truckload more experience for next year, which is great."