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Possible circuit ban for fans in Melbourne: 'We will not accept this'

Possible circuit ban for fans in Melbourne: 'We will not accept this'

16 April - 09:49 Last update: 12:56


The Australian Grand Prix was a goldmine for dubious events. Fans running on the circuit, stolen equipment and organisers having to report to the FIA. A ban for those who illegally entered the circuit is not ruled out. Circuit manager Tom Mottram is busy trying to find out if this is possible.

The footage is now in the hands of police in the state of Victoria. Apart from being illegal, it is also life-threatening. Fans entered the track at Albert Park during the Australian Grand Prix and they are now trying to establish the facts.

Circuit stormers

"We’ll find out what was the understanding or motive, and whether it’s something they did with malicious intent or they subconsciously found themselves in that position. I wouldn’t want to jump to any conclusions until we’ve had an opportunity to chat to them," Mottram said in an interview with The Age.

"It’s not something we will ever tolerate or accept and people need to realise this was a very dangerous undertaking that occurred." Mottram said. Whether the 'circuit stormers' will actually be banned remains to be seen. "We are looking at the powers that we and Victoria Police have under the Major Sporting Events Act and the Grand Prix Act," explained the Australian.