Domenicali wants to get rid of free practice: 'Fans don't like it'

Domenicali wants to get rid of free practice: 'Fans don't like it'

26 March - 19:45 Last update: 21:07

The CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, has indicated at this weekend's MotoGP that he is not a fan of free practice sessions in Formula 1. He is even talking about abolishing the practice sessions.

Domenicali has had notable ideas around free practice sessions before. Last year, he said free practice sessions do not really have a "purpose" and therefore provide little entertainment. The Italian therefore came up with the idea of handing out points during free practice sessions. That idea already caused a stir, but his statement now is even more extreme.

No more practice sessions in F1

The Formula 1 boss waved the finishing flag at the opening MotoGP race this weekend. Afterwards, he made it clear what he thinks of the free practice sessions; according to Domenicali, the workouts are not spectacular enough, the Portugese channel Sport TV heard: "I am in favour of cancelling the practice sessions that are of great benefit to the engineers, but which the public does not like."

Under Domenicali's leadership, F1 is always looking for ways to make the sport more attractive. During his era, sprint races were already introduced, a different qualifying format was experimented with, and something with two qualifying sessions will be tried again in 2023.

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