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Sainz does a 'Rosberg' and adjusts sleep rhythm ahead of Australia

Sainz does a 'Rosberg' and adjusts sleep rhythm ahead of Australia

26 March - 19:21 Last update: 19:28


Some Formula 1 drivers arrive in Melbourne a bit earlier than is usual for other races. Carlos Sainz, for example, has a whole roadmap to ensure he does not have jet lag.

After races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, where the time difference with Europe is minimal, F1 teams and drivers are flying to the other side of the world for the Australian Grand Prix next weekend. Because you can still suffer from jet lag, several drivers land in Melbourne as early as a week before the GP.

Flight to Australia

Sainz, for instance, has quite a plan for his flight to Australia. European time he flies around 22:30, but in Australia it is eight o'clock in the morning at that time. So Sainz's goal is not to go to sleep, he reports in a story on Instagram. So he drinks a lot of coffee, keeps the lights on, puts on a movie and also reads a lot.

Sainz is not the only one who is so rigorous with his sleep schedule. After winning his world title in 2016, Nico Rosberg revealed that he spent a year tuning his sleep rhythm to the next race. Then he slept during the day and was awake at night to arrive at the next race without jet lag.

Lando Norris also revealed on his Instagram channel that he is already in Melbourne, whether he too has adjusted his entire rhythm is not made clear. In fact, Valtteri Bottas was already in Australia. The Finn attended the Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

Source: Instagram channel Carlos Sainz

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