Interesting statistic for Alonso: every driver won at podium 101

Interesting statistic for Alonso: every driver won at podium 101

26 March - 14:32 Last update: 15:22

Statistics, some value them highly, others not at all. Fernando Alonso must be happy with the following statistic: every driver who achieved 101 (or more) podiums won on his 101st podium. For the Spaniard, the counter now stands at 100 podiums.

Alonso stood on the podium in Formula 1 at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix last weekend for the 100th time in his career, although for a while there was a question as to whether he would be allowed to keep the result. The Aston Martin driver was given a time penalty after the podium ceremony. This penalty was handed out because the execution of his previous time penalty was not correct. However, this penalty was later reversed, meaning Alonso officially finished third.

So far, only five drivers have achieved 101 podiums in Formula 1. These were Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. F1StatsGuru noticed that all of them won the race when they were on the podium for the 101st time. Alonso is only one podium away from this and so, if the trend continues, would be on the top step at his next podium. With Red Bull Racing's current dominance, this could be difficult for the two-time world champion.