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Hamilton aiming to increase diversity in F1: It should be open to anybody

Hamilton aiming to increase diversity in F1: "It should be open to anybody"

26 March - 07:39 Last update: 08:48


Lewis Hamilton says he has occasionally felt alone within Formula 1. The British driver is happy with the emergence of an increasingly inclusive and diverse environment within F1. According to him, people in the sport have become a bit more open-minded and empathetic since 2021.

In an interview with Sky Sports, he describes how he wants to help improve the issue. "It's not about just having access for young minorities getting access in engineering, but across the board. The higher up you go the less diverse it is, not only in our industry but through many industries," the driver said.

Hamilton and his committee

Although Hamilton is still the only black driver on the grid, he believes the solution of achieving more diversity is mostly needed behind the scenes. "It's not about finding the next black racing driver because it's always going to be an expensive sport and there is nothing I can do to change that," he said.

Hamilton has had his own 'diversity committee' since 2019. The committee was set up to take action and address the lack of diversity within motorsport. "It's about the thousand other jobs in the background. It should be open to anybody, no matter what your race, or what your sex. In 10 years' time, we are going to see a much different sport because I'll make sure of it," he concluded.