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Williams on engine supplier: 'We’re not locked into Mercedes'

Williams on engine supplier: 'We’re not locked into Mercedes'

24 March - 14:30 Last update: 14:45


Williams have been racing with Mercedes engines in Formula 1 since 2014, but that contract I set to expire after 2025. New regulations regarding engines are coming in 2026, so new brands have become interested in supplying engines in F1. For instance, the FIA has announced that Audi and Ford are signed up as engine suppliers for 2026, with Honda also returning.

In 2014, Williams switched to the Mercedes engine. This was a good choice, as the German engine was the finest at the start of the turbo-hybrid era. In 2014, Williams finished third in the constructors' championship, but things started going downhill afterwards. In 2021, George Russell scored the last podium for the British team at the Belgian Grand Prix, but, of course, that was not really a race.

Will Williams choose Audi, Ford or Mercedes again?

There are a number of choices available for Williams, with six engine suppliers signed up for 2026. The British team is considering every option, including newcomers Audi and Ford. "At the moment [we’re] still in the process of making sure we understand all the options available to this team. We’re not locked into Mercedes, and we’re still in the process of reviewing," said James Vowles at Speedcafe.com.

The Williams team boss also realises there is little time left to decide which engine supplier the British team will partner with. "We have to, as all teams will do as well, come to a decision fairly shortly. I think the end of the year would be late, so I need to do it before then." Therefore, Vowles indicates that he and Williams will make their decision sometime this year.

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